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Grade 7 Class

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Grade 7 Class

Tuesday, June 6th

Hello everyone! Thank you to all those who have made our grade seven year such a success. 

The grade seven BBQ is going to be JUNE 16th from 5-7 here at the school. There will be games and will be a chance for the class to hang out together and eat some food before they move on to grade 8! There will also be music presentations happening at this time. I would be looking for help BBQing and hope to see parents there as well if you can make it!! If you are able, it would be helpful to have some sides and/ or a dessert.

If students could get their photos to me from the trip this week, I will be able to print photos for scrapbooking that will happen in the week of June 19th- 23rd.

I wanted to state a friendly reminder on here that students should be marking and correcting their Math homework on their own. Answers are in the back of the book. This way students are aware of what they understand and what they might be confused on before we write tests and quizzes in Math. I am more than happy to help students if they need extra help on anything but they need to do their part by marking and attempting to correct their work. 

Finally, my last day in grade seven will be June 9th as I will be beginning my maternity leave at this time! I will be popping in the school to help with final preparations and look forward to seeing everyone at the BBQ. 

Thanks so much for the wonderful experiences we have had this year and for all the learning that was able to happen for both the students and the teacher! Grade sevens...you rock! If my little one is as nice as you I will be very happy. I look forward to seeing all that you will accomplish as you move on to high school. I can see so much promise in all of you already!