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Grade 6 Class

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Grade 6 Class

December 2017
And here we go.......
Lots on the go this month!  Tests, crafts, concerts, activities!  Should be a busy and fun month.
Remember to check the Tuesday Note for dates and details.

Our class novel, The Hatchet is entertaining the class as-well-as challenging them to think outside the box when it comes to interpreting then writing about the character.   As we come to the end of the novel, we will be starting a new assignment looking at Brian's development throughout his journey.

In Math, we have completed theAddition and Subtraction Unit and are now looking at Multiplication (with 2&3 digits as well as decimals).  After this we will move on to Division.  It is beneficial if you check with your child each night looking for homework ~ incomplete from class time, or possible corrections.  Keeps them accountable as well as ensures the practice they need.  Mathletics is always another option for students to practice their skills in Math.  Unfortunately we only have time for one session in Mathletics a week, so please encourage your child to take advantage of this fabulous computer tool.

In Science and Socials, we have finished creating our PowerPoints, and now the students take turns in presenting them.  It is exciting to watch these young people have pride in their assignment and pass on the knowledge and creativity they have developed throughout the project.  Congratulations to all students in this area!

A few dates to consider :
Math Test Thursday, Dec 7th   (overview will be sent home)
LA - Hatchet Assignment / Essay due Dec12th
Gr5/6 Skating Thurs Dec 21st
Final Mass Friday Dec 22
Movie theatre Friday Dec 22

Homework Book is the  best form of communication.  Please feel free to make notes, comments or requests in the HWB as I check these daily.  I also post important dates, assignments and information, along with weekly spelling words, on this web site each week.

Library is Monday - each student is able to take out two library books for a week.  They are to be returned / renewed each Monday.  If the books are not processed on Monday, the student is not able to take another library book.

PE is Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday - Full gym strip required i.e. Running shoes, shorts / leggings, t-shirt
                                                                            * missing gym strip 3 times within a term results in dropped grade
                                                                      -    Need written permission from parent if excused from gym (HWB), especially if for an extended time.

Novel - each student must have a novel in their desk for personal reading at all times.  There are books available within the classroom if necessary.

Reminder :  All parents who wish to volunteer / drive need a NEW driver's abstract and copy of your insurance papers
                    along with a Criminal Records Check on file (valid for 5 years)

Here's to a year of growth in learning, faith and social development......  And perhaps a little fun, too.
With kind regards, 
Lexie Wilson

Unit 11
dif~ , dis~, dys~ away, not, negative
Vocabulary Definitions

differ   (v) to not agree; to have ent ideas
differentiate   (v) to identify how things are not the same
disobey   (v) to not follow a rule or order
disagree  (v) to not share the same point of view
disconnect   (v) to take something apart so pieces are not attached
dismiss  (v) to send away
dispense   v) to distribute; to send items away in groups
dysfunctional   (adj) not working properly