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Grade 5 Class

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Grade 5 Class

Gr 4/5 2016 

  • Library      - Wednesday morning
  • Phys Ed   - Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons.  Full strip required for each class
  • Gr 2 Buddies  -  Thursday morning
  • Ms. Carlene Dingwall teaches: Monday, Friday and every second Thursday mornings. Tuesday,Wednesday, and every second Thursday afternoons
  •  Mrs. Liz Creyke teaches:  Monday and Friday afternoons; Tuesday, Wednesday, and every second Thursday mornings
  • Homework books (agendas) are signed/read by the teacher each morning; expected to be filled in by each student in the afternoon who then has the responsibility of requesting a parent/guardian to read/sign the homework book each evening. Homework books are a very effective way of communicating with the teacher, as they are reviewed each day.  Please look for short notes there from the teachers, from time to time, and feel free to send messages to the teacher as ideas/concerns/changes arise.
  • Please refer to FRESHGRADE for regular communication about  your child's activitties and assignments.
  Help your child have a successful year in grade four/five:
  • ensure that your child gets enough rest each night.  Learning and social situations can be more difficult when one does not have enough sleep.
  • ensure that your learner gets plenty of physical exercise each day.  PE class, while active, does not fully meet the need for daily physical activity.
  • set aside a regular time each day to complete any unfinished school work.  If there is 'no homework' use this time to read, practice facts, discuss current events, play a game of cards.  
  • assist your student in mastering all math facts.  Knowing these facts by rote helps build confidence and reduces stress when performing computations.
  • encourage your child to practice weekly spelling lists.
  • assist your child in learning the provincial/territorial capitals
  • ask your learner to bring home a notebook from time to time.  Together review the quallity of his/her work. Praise what pleases you and nudge him/her in the direction you want if you are not completely satisfied.  Hold the bar high.  Our children are very capable and do want to please.
  • encouarge your child to take ownership of his/her learning.  Asking questions, completing work thoroughly, listening to others, and seeking more information independently are ways of demonstrating this ownership.
  • Be your child's advocate. 

Thank you for your continued support. 

Liz Creyke
Carlene Dingwall