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June 16, 2020:

Hey Everyone!  Music is all around us and sometimes people make the craziest instruments to create with. 
Check out this contraption in this youtube clip.  Can you guess how many marbles were used?


Music Update - May 26, 2020

Hello everyone! Time is passing quickly and we are one week closer to summer. Of course, school (for some of us) is back in session.
Please keep working on learning the song 'Bad day' by Daniel Powter'.  Here is the youtube link again.
and for the St. Joseph's Music playlist click below

There's even some piano instructional on how to play the piano part for 'Bad day'

Look for the lyrics and chords on the music resource page and have fun, shoot me an email, try recording yourself and sending it to me!

Good luck and happy Tuesday!

Mr. Maskell

May 13, 2020 

Hello Everyone! Check out the playlist for some really fun additions. I think we should have a school song that we all sing (and record) and I will put it together in a big recording. The song is ‘You had a bad day’ by Daniel Powter. Here is a link on Youtube for the song I will add a singalong track with a count in and instructions soon. Practice for now by singing along with the video! Have fun, Mr. Maskell

Mr. Maskell presents -

The Cat Came Back Sing-Along

April 13/20 Update

Lil' Liza Jane

April 20 St. Joes music update

St. Joe's April 27 update

Paradiddle rhythm lesson on Junk instruments

May 4 Pond of Inspiration

Mr. Colin Maskell
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