St. Joseph's School | Smithers BC

Grade Two

Grade Two


Hard to believe we are halfway through this school year. The way time is flying by, must mean we are having fun in grade 2!
The class has shown huge growth in the new year and this is so exciting to see. There is a lot of learning happening and my newsletter is posted below to share details of this with you. 





Important things to remember:

  • Library books need to be returned every Monday!
  • Parents are welcome to come read with students from 8:45 to 9:15 on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

** Any parents volunteering with students MUST have criminal records checks done.** 

This years grade 2 class:

  1. Eliana Azofeifa
  2. Jaden Bruintjes
  3. Lionel Bruintjes
  4. Noah Bruintjes
  5. Abby Campbell
  6. Dharma Chaplin
  7. Eamon Cunningham
  8. Garrett Cutler
  9. Evan Egan
  10. Cali Ehrlich
  11. Aiden Frank
  12. Samantha Gilbert
  13. Chloe Gyger
  14. Gryffin Kernel
  15. Evan Kreke
  16. Taylor Leach
  17. Kirsten Lewis
  18. Cooper McDonald
  19. Gianna Meier
  20. Keyan Mendel
  21. Felix Murdoch
  22. Brinley Pott
  23. Seamus Rourke
  24. Nicolas Silva
  25. Madison Simpson
  26. Piper Vinnish

This list can help you with invitations, play days, cards, etc. 

You can contact me at the school, by phone at 250-847-9414, or by email at

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful place we get to call home!

Nicki Pederson