St. Joseph's School | Smithers BC

Grade Six

December,  2018

Merry Christmas to all!  A lovely season for us at St. Joes, we sing our hearts out for the Christmas Concert ~ as well as belting it out to the Christmas carols while in the classrom.  The kids are enjoying the freedom and creativity while finishing their crafts and seasonal activities, along with plenty of reminders about what the true meaning of Christmas means.  A gift for me to be able to share these lessons, and thoughts from our wise and generous young people.

Please check the Tuesday Note for all the school activities coming in the last week ~ times and expectations are given there.

Have a safe and happy holiday and rest up for the next phase in our school year.......  

Warmest wishes, Lexie

 Spelling Lists are given each week ~ with the exception of "short weeks".  A test is carried out on Friday asking the student to demonstrate the correct spelling as-well-as an understanding of the meaning for each word.  Spelling Lists are updated and listed below.

  Math is a subject where the students are given instruction, and then time to practice with the daily exercise.  The amount of work is usually tailored to the time available left within the period.  Those questions not completed within class time will be sent home for homework.  As mentioned, Study Hall is a place where these assignments can be finished in order to avoid bringing it home.  I am concerned by the number of students NOT completing these few remainder math questions ~ the lack of completion means lack of practice and this inevitably leads to a less than solid understanding of the concept.

Genius Project ~ this is an extended five week project that is predominantly done in class time.  I encourage you to check with your child as to their progress and that they are staying on track with their topic.  This is a great opportunity to talk to your child about current events, history, or hot topics within our society.    DUE NOV 5th

Please touch base with your child and ensure all homework and weekly assignments are being done and meet the criteria set.  These will also be listed in the Homework Book.

Homework Book is the  best form of communication.  Please feel free to make notes, comments or requests in the HWB as I check these daily.  I also post important dates, assignments and information, along with weekly spelling words, on this web site each week.

Library is Monday - each student is able to take out two library books for a week.  They are to be returned / renewed each Monday.  If the books are not processed on Monday, the student is not able to take another library book.

PE is Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday - Full gym strip required i.e. Running shoes, shorts / leggings, t-shirt
                                                                            * missing gym strip 3 times within a term results in dropped grade
                                                                      -    Need written permission from parent if excused from gym (HWB), especially if for an extended time.

Novel - each student must have a novel in their desk for personal reading at all times.  There are books available within the classroom if necessary.

Reminder :  All parents who wish to volunteer / drive need a NEW driver's abstract and copy of your insurance papers
                    along with a Criminal Records Check on file (valid for 5 years)

Here's to a year of growth in learning, faith and social development......  And perhaps a little fun, too.
With kind regards, 
Lexie Wilson