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Grade One

Grade One

September,  2019

Welcome to a new school year! It's going to be a great one! smile

The 2019/2020 Grade One class:

Aubreigh Meyers

Brody Bennett

Eloise Howard

Evelyn Stam

Giovana Silva

Holly Grice

Houston Donio

Hunter Desautels

Linden Klotz

Matthieu Robes

Nora McDonald

Orla Cunningham

Paisley Bruintjes

Patrick Flynn

Smith Rossmann

Talia Davidson Trowbridge

Taryn Blair

Xavier Creyke

I hope this list is helpful for you when organizing playdates, birthday party invitations, Valentine's Day cards, etc.


Here are the grade one family groups:

George Vanier (Green)

Aubreigh, Giovana, Linden, Paisley, Taryn

Mother Teresa (Blue)

Brody, Holly, Matthieu, Patrick, Xavier

Rose Prince (Red)

Eloise, Houston, Nora, Smith

Thomas Merton (Yellow)

Evelyn, Hunter, Orla, Talia


Thanks, and have a great week!

Shannon Wellington smile