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Thank you so much for considering St Joseph's School! Children are our most precious gifts and we are so honoured and humbled that you've taken the time to learn about our school!


Educational Programme

St. Joseph’s School is dedicated to providing a high quality educational program for its students. We aim to create an environment where every student experiences success in doing his/her best and where Christian values are lived.

Our school is mandated by the government to meet the learning outcomes of all areas of the B.C. curriculum. In addition to these core curricular areas, St. Joseph’s offers instruction in Catholic Religious Education, French, music, and computers for all children. Learning assistance teacher is available to provide extra support to students experiencing difficulties in core subjects.


Admission Policy for New Students

Priority for enrolment 

  1. Siblings of children already enrolled at St Joseph’s
  2. Parish families and Catholic families moving in from other communities
  3. Everyone on a first come, first serve basis base on available space

Acceptance Criteria

  • the child’s ability to take advantage of the educational opportunities offered by the school.
  • the school’s ability to meet the child’s particular needs.
  • the enrolment priorities outlined above
  • commitment the that child will participate in the entire educational programme of the school, including religious education and celebrations

The class size is typically 25 or fewer children, with the principal having the discretion to add up to one more additional student in Kindergarten to grade 2 and up to two additional students. 


Application Procedure

You are most welcome to contact the school if you have any questions or to arrange a tour prior to applying for admissions. 

1.    We warmly invite you to start the application process by completing the form attached below. It can be completed digitally or printed. Signatures aren't required on the digital copy until after meeting with the principal. Once complete you are welcome to email or drop it off at the school.

2.     After the admissions application has been received, families will be invited to meet with the principal to discuss the school's philosophy, programming, and expectations. The parish priest may attend part of the meeting to help discucss the religious nature of the school. 

3.    After meeting and a review of applications based on the aforementioned policy, offers of admission will be made. Those who accept offers of admissions will be registered 

Funding and Fees

As an independent school, St Joseph’s receives 50% of the funding that a public school receives per student for operating expenses.  We receive no government funding for capital expenditures.  A tuition fee is charged to help bridge the gap in funding:

Monthly tuition fees for 2021-2022 are:

  • One Child: $295.00/month
  • Two children: $395.00/month
  • Additional children: $10/month