St. Joseph's School | Smithers BC


Building an awareness of self within the community and encouraging the growth of each person as a Christian.



Providing a learning environment which strives for academic excellence and fosters the total formation of the person.



St. Joseph's School is located in Smithers, British Columbia. The school provides kindergarten to grade seven classes as well as pre-kindergarten and an after school program.

Our Website: This website includes resources for students as well as parents. The monthly calendar and the weekly newsletter are available below. The classes section has informations posted by the classroom teacher for parents and students.

Admission: St. Joseph's is now accepting applications. See the admission page for more information or contact us.

The Latest

KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION-for September 2019!        

Kindergarten registration starts Monday, January 21st, for PARISHIONERS AND SIBLINGS.  Please call the school office, starting 8:15 am, to secure a registration spot and make an appointment for the registration meeting with the principal.  Please bring in your child’s care card, birth certificate, baptismal certificate (if you have one) and September tuition fees (if you are new to the school) to secure your spot at the time of your meeting.

Tuition rates for 2019-2020 are: one child - $255.00, two children- $330.00 and three or more- $335.00

Registration is on first- come, first- served basis for phone calls.

21st – 23rd – for parishioners and siblings – call starting 8:15 am for registration appointment

24th -& 25th – St. Joseph’s Pre-K families – call starting 8:15 am for registration appointment

28th onwards – open (public) registration – call starting 8:15 am for registration appointment

St Joseph's Philosophy

St Joseph's School is committed to an educational program which
strives to provide academic excellence and to foster the total formation of the person.


Contact Us

4054 Broadway Ave.
P.O. 454
Smithers, BC
V0J 2N0

Phone: 250 847-9414
Fax: 250 847-9402
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